Therapeutic and Technology Expertise and Due Diligence

Therapeutic and Technology Breadth

Locust Walk has completed engagements across a range of therapeutic areas, modalities and across all stages of development.  We have therapeutic and modality expertise with real world partnering and financing experience in cell and gene therapy, immunology, oncology, neuroscience, and rare disease. We have developed specific expertise in stem cell biology and RNA medicine.


Due Diligence Process 

As part of our pre-engagement process for all at risk sell-side and financing mandates, we conduct robust due diligence with our internal due diligence committee and external scientific advisory board.  Our due diligence committee is made up of members of our deal team not responsible for the client relationship to maintain an independent and objective view of the science.  This due diligence process usually takes one to two weeks to complete whereby we review the confidential presentation, contact log of partners and investors in discussions, and the same virtual data room that partners and investors review.  We leverage our experienced scientific advisory board for additional due diligence support and at times engage with outside experts including making calls to partners and investors on a no names basis.  Once our diligence is complete, we are “all in.”  If we decide not to engage, we always provide honest feedback as to our rationale.  Typically, we share engagement economics in parallel with our due diligence to ensure alignment. 


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