An Integrated Approach To Life Science Transactions

Locust Walk is a global life science transaction firm. Our integrated team-based approach across capabilities, geographies, and industry segments delivers the right products, the right partners, and the most attractive sources of capital to get the right deals done for biopharma and medtech companies.

  • Capabilities – cohesive strategy, market analytics, and transaction capabilities
  • Geographies – global footprint across all key life science geographies
  • Industry Segments – comprehensive coverage across biopharma and medtech segments



How are we different?

Locust Walk is the only firm to integrate strategy, market analytics, and transaction capabilities from both biopharma and medtech perspectives on a global scale.

About Our Name

Locust Walk is the central artery of the University of Pennsylvania campus, a well-known, tree-lined brick pathway connecting members of the Penn community to the physical buildings of the campus. Locust Walk brings together that same confluence of high energy, creativity and collaboration, all grounded in real-world experience.

These attributes are unique hallmarks of Locust Walk’s approach to transaction, strategy and commercial advisory work for life sciences companies. We bring to partnering and strategic consulting engagements a rare combination of operating, commercial, financial and technical acumen. This approach is the Locust Walk difference.


Cohesive strategy,​ market analytics, and transaction capabilities

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Global footprint across all key​ life science geographies

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Industry Segments

Comprehensive coverage across biopharma and​ medtech segments

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