Our Core Values

The Locust Walk Way

Living the Core Values for Success

Our core values define the expectations we have for working with each other and with our clients.

Commitment to the Success of Others

  • Global team-based culture with individual accountability
  • No team member is left behind: we are committed to succeeding together for the benefit of both our clients and the company

Open and Courageous Communication

  • In the spirit of caring for each other’s success, we commit to being truthful and transparent in our communication and feedback, both to clients and inside the company and we do so with empathy and success
  • We commit to thoughtful and rigorous debate and feedback at all levels of the company
  • The Locust Walk Leadership Team always strives to be as transparent as possible with the company

Growth Mindset

  • We thrive on challenge and are life-long learners. We are not afraid of failure, yet see it as a springboard
  • Honest bi-directional feedback is important for building trusted, productive relationships
  • Feedback should be given as soon as possible after an event or situation occurs rather than waiting for the moment to pass

Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • We are self-motivated to succeed and will do whatever it takes for our clients to succeed in an ethical manner
  • We will always have a small firm ethos with an entrepreneurial mindset and minimized bureaucracy

Enjoy the Ride

  • We care about and for our clients and each other
  • We work hard and integrate fun into the core of what we do.  We all have unique interests and find common ways of sharing that with each other
  • Wins should be celebrated
  • It is about the journey, not the destination