Our Core Values

The Locust Walk Way

Living the Core Values for Success

Locust Walk is a firm focused on our mission to walk with our clients to improve human health globally while we attract and develop the best talent.  As Locust Walk continues to grow, we have codified our best practices regarding the softer side of our business within and outside of the Firm.  The following are Guidelines on how we effectively live The Locust Walk Way: 


Commitment to the Success of Others
  • We are a global team-based culture with individual accountability.
  • People should work as efficiently as possible to help maximize value for clients.
  • We are all teammates helping each other regardless of which project we’re working on or which product, business segment, or geography to which we’re aligned.
  • Everyone is important and contributes to the success of both our clients and the organization.
  • Seniority is earned, not a right, and deserves respect.
  • The senior team is respectful towards the junior team.
  • Positive reinforcement is an important signal of belonging and encouragement.
Open and Courageous Communication
  • Be clear and honest in your communication, both to clients and inside the organization, yet sensitive and supportive to clients and each other.
  • Communicate with proper balance of confidence and humility.
  • The Locust Walk Leadership Team always strives to be as transparent as possible with the organization.
  • Questions and feedback are always welcome from both clients as well as team members.
  • We should feel comfortable being vulnerable and admitting if we don’t have an answer.
Growth Mindset
  • Honest bi-directional feedback is important for building trusted, productive relationships.
  • Feedback should be given as soon as possible after an event or situation occurs rather than waiting for the moment to pass.
  • Everyone should feel open to ask for support.
  • Admitting faults and learning from them is essential to growth.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • We are self-motivated to succeed.
  • We will do whatever it takes for our clients to succeed.
  • We will always have a small firm ethos with minimized bureaucracy.
  • We will always do what is right for the client and for the firm.
Enjoy the Ride
  • We care about and for our clients and each other.
  • Wins should be celebrated.
  • Time to disconnect with family and friends is important to being productive.
  • It’s about the journey, not the destination.