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David Cassak

Managing Partner, Innovation In Medtech, LLC
Editor-in-Chief, The MedTech Strategist

David Cassak has more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry. Prior to co-founding Innovation In Medtech, LLC, he served as Vice President, Content, and Managing Director, Medical Devices for Elsevier Business Intelligence, a Reed Elsevier Company, including the publications The Gray Sheet and The Pink Sheet. He also wrote extensively on the medical device industry for Windhover Information’s monthly publications, IN VIVO, START-UP, and MEDTECH INSIGHT. He is a frequent speaker before various companies and trade groups within the medical device industry.

Prior to joining Elsevier, Cassak worked for nearly 20 years at Windhover Information Inc., a company he founded with his partner, Roger Longman, which spun out the publications business of The Wilkerson Group, a leading management consulting firm at the time. Long known for publishing IN VIVO, widely recognized as the premier provider of business intelligence in the health care industry, Windhover launched a number of other successful publications, including START-UP: Emerging Medical Ventures, and The RPM Report: Regulation • Policy • Market Access. In 2004, Windhover acquired Medtech Insight, Inc., which published the MEDTECH INSIGHT: Medical Technology Market Intelligence newsletter. While at Windhover/EBI, David also organized and produced numerous conferences around the world, including the Investment in Innovation (In3) medical device partnering conference series, as well as such pharma-focused conferences as Pharmaceutical Strategic Alliances, Euro-Biotech and BIO-Windhover. In 2008, Windhover was acquired by Elsevier, which formed Elsevier Business Intelligence, combining the products of Windhover and F-D-C Reports, publishers of The Gray Sheet and The Pink Sheet, among other industry newsletters.