Bought Not Sold

Why So Many Biopharma M&A Transactions Start Out as Aspirational Licensing Deals


Geoff Meyerson, CEO & Co-Founder

Andy Meyerson, Managing Director,                                                            Head of North American Strategic Transactions

Avni Mehta, Analyst


How do you start an M&A discussion?

Locust Walk has conducted an extensive study of mergers and acquisitions in biopharma completed in the past three years and uncovered an interesting trend leaders need to understand: the majority of acquirers only became interested in pursuing an acquisition after they had a chance to view a target company’s detailed data and financials in the context of licensing talks.

Reading this white paper will help clarify:

  • Why are most biopharma’s bought, not sold?  Learn why you should let acquirers drive the process.
  • How many suitors should you have and how do you fill your dance card?  Learn how an advisor can assist in navigating this process.
  • What are the typical milestone events and timelines for a successful biopharma acquisition?  Learn when to time your outreach relative to data availability and when to pivot.

Simply putting a “For Sale” sign on the front door of your company could turn off potential buyers. Read this paper for insights to maximize your chances for success.

Read Bought Not Sold to learn more.