Transaction Case Studies

IPO Advisory assignment helping raise $210M in a NASDAQ IPO

Situation Assessment

  • Following the completion of a $170M Series B crossover round, C4 Therapeutics was eager to enter the public markets as quickly as possible
  • Two competitors were also preparing to go public, so it was crucial for C4 to stand out in the marketplace and file the S-1 in a timely fashion
  • C4 desired to build the best syndicate possible to position the company for aftermarket success
  • Locust Walk advised C4 on their crossover and was uniquely positioned to advise C4 through the IPO process

Key Activities

  • Created the initial draft of the Business Overview for the S-1, beginning in advance of the closing of the crossover round to maximize speed
  • Led a comprehensive banker bake-off, provided introductions, identified key selection criteria, coordinated banker interviews, and guided discussions with the Board for banker selection
  • Conducted comprehensive financial analysis and assisted company with negotiation of banker syndicate economics
  • Participated in drafting sessions with banker syndicate to file the S-1 within 30 days of the org meeting
  • Created TTW and IPO roadshow deck in parallel to S-1 drafting
  • Created deeper scientific presentation for the pre-IPO Analyst Day

Successful Outcome

  • The company was on file with the SEC in less than three months from closing from crossover round and less than two months after the org meeting
  • Successful TTW process has built significant demand for the offering in advance of official IPO roadshow launch

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