Deal Makers of Japan, Volume 3

The Deal Makers of Japan series aims to bridge the gap and offer insight to a global biopharma audience to the Japanese pharma industry. We are pleased to present the third volume of the Deal Makers of Japan - Exclusive Interviews with Japan’s best dealmakers, featuring Shionogi. This piece highlights how they are turning COVID complexity into opportunity and their long-term transformation strategy in response to the rapidly changing market. ​

​We were excited to have the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Takuko Sawada, Vice Chairperson at Shionogi, and conduct an in-depth interview to understand the stories and perspectives of Shionogi. During our conversation, we covered a variety of topics including corporate strategy, operation, diversity and talent management, and R&D strategy. We hope to provide the reader with a closer look at a leading Japanese pharma to understand its mindset and culture. ​

​We at Locust Walk hope the reader will gain inspiration from Shionogi’s story and a new perspective on collaborating and doing a deal with Japanese pharmaceutical companies.