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Mary Malloy, PhD

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Prior to joining Locust Walk as an analyst, Mary completed her PhD in Bioinorganic Chemistry at Boston University. Her research on metalloenzymes and small-molecule biomimetic analogues have applications spanning green energy/green chemistry alternatives and neurological disorders, such as Phenylketonuria. Her work on a recently patented iron-based system has drawn her away from the lab benchtop and towards the intersection of science and business.

While in graduate school, Mary worked as a pro bono consultant with Tufts Advisory Partners to advise a Boston-based startup in the immuno-oncology space, competed twice in the Tufts New England Case Competition, and was a contestant in the 2016 Miss America regional pageant for Miss Boston. Mary also holds a BS with honors in Chemistry from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends along the Eastern Seaboard and loves football. Go Birds!