Transaction Case Studies

Merger between Fabrus, Inc. and Senesco Technologies, Inc.

Situation Assessment

  • Fabrus, Inc. is a private biotechnology company focused on the development of novel monoclonal antibodies that merge human IgG scaffolds with ultralong, bovine CDR3s.
  • Senesco Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB – SNTI) is a publicly traded cancer therapeutics company with a proprietary platform in eukaryotic translation initiation Factor 5a.
  • Fabrus selected Locust Walk Partners as its exclusive business and corporate development advisor to conclude a merger with Senesco.

Key Activities

  • Developed in-depth pro-forma and company valuation to guide term negotiations.
  • Provided strategic input and quantitative analysis to optimize merger terms.
  • Assisted management team during merger negotiations.

Successful Outcome

  • Fabrus and Senesco successfully completed a merger. Senesco’s public listing transferred to the NASDAQ following the merger.
  • Locust Walk continues to serve as an advisor to the newly formed company, demonstrating Senesco’s ongoing confidence in the value that Locust Walk brings to their organization.

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CLIENT: Fabrus

PARTNER: Senesco

Merger between Fabrus and Senesco Technologies