Transaction Case Studies


Situation Assessment

  • Pipeline Therapeutics is a privately held biotechnology Company focused on restoring the function of CNS disorders through remyelination. Pipeline’s lead asset is a preclinical remyelination therapy for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Sirocco Therapeutics is a privately held biotechnology company developing assets to treat hearing losses and related disorders. Sirocco’s lead asset is an IND-ready therapy for hearing loss
  • Both companies are portfolio companies of Versant Ventures
  • Both companies expressed an interest in merging in order to build a complete portfolio centered around neuro-regeneration
  • Pipeline selected Locust Walk as its exclusive valuation, deal negotiation, and strategic advisor
  • Locust Walk developed a detailed valuation of both companies, which it leveraged in an arms-length negotiation with Sirocco to determine merger terms

Key Activities

  • Worked with senior management team to define goalposts for deal terms that align with company goals and could ensure deal success
  • Developed in-depth comparable deals analysis and binomial option analysis to fairly value both companies and guide term negotiations
  • Conducted thorough diligence, built DCF valuation model and negotiated model inputs with Sirocco’s advisor to come to agreement on relative value of both companies
  • Locust Walk provided guidance on the fairness of the transaction and the relative value to Pipeline’s Board of Directors
  • Assisted the management team during negotiations with Sirocco’s advisor

Successful Outcome

  • Pipeline and Sirocco successfully completed the merger on friendly terms with an agreed upon deal split
  • Locust Walk successfully negotiated the terms of the merger within four weeks

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