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Biotalk is a deal maker’s playbook to making an impact and generating returns in life sciences.  Our guest speakers are industry leaders and institutional and family office investors who share their experience and views on deal making and industry trends to educate and inform. 


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Episode 5: Fred Chereau, LogicBio
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What is it about: In this episode of Biotalk, Josh Hamermesh, VP of Locust Walk, spoke to Fred Chereau, CEO of LogicBio a gene therapy company.  They discussed industry trends on gene therapy and LogicBio recent  $50 million financing to develop novel gene medicines for pediatric patients.


Episode 4: Stuart Kliman, Vantage Partners     
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What is it about: In this Episode of Biotalk, Locust Walk’s Vice President, Josh Hamermesh, spoke to Stuart Kliman (skliman@vantagepartners.com), Founder and Partner at Vantage Partners, a global management consulting firm that specializes in the areas of negotiation and relationship management. They discussed the negotiation tactics and the differences between deal-minded and implementation-minded negotiating approaches in the spirit of optimizing alliance management and maximizing long-term deal value creation for life science companies.

Episode 3: Roger Longman, Real Endpoints      
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What is it about: In this episode of BioTalk, Locust Walk’s Vice President, Josh Hamermesh, spoke to Roger Longman, CEO of Real Endpoints, about the pricing and reimbursement issues that are affecting the biopharmaceutical industry, with a particular focus on the impact on deal making.


Episode 2: Bradley Campbell, Amicus Therapeutics    
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What is it about: In this episode of Biotalk podcast, Josh Hamermesh, Vice President of Locust Walk interviews Bradley Campbell, President & COO of Amicus Therapeutics


Episode 1: Chris Ehrlich, Locust Walk
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What is it about: Every quarter Locust Walk publishes market conditions for the US, Japan and Europe in the biotech and medtech industry segments.  For our first podcast episode, we wanted to share some insights into the report and discuss key trends and opportunities for the industry in 2017. To review this report, we invited Chris Ehrlich, Managing Director, and head of the San Francisco office of Locust Walk to share the insights. 



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