Shunichiro Matsumoto, Ph.D.

Former President of Astellas Venture Management (AVM)

Shun is the former President of AVM based in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is the corporate venture capital arm of Astellas Pharma., Inc. (API) headquartered in Japan.

During his carrier at AVM, Shun has been board members of the investee companies of AVM, Mitobridge, and Potenza Therapeutics, both of which were respectively acquired by API in 2018. Prior to the current role at AVM, Shun was working as President of Astellas Innovation Management based in Cambridge, MA until 2018.

Shun also has 5 years of experience in the role of Investment Director at AVM until 2011. Shun has 14 year experience in R&D specializing in molecular biology field at API / Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shun received his MBA from McGill University, and has a Ph.D. in Medicine from University of Tsukuba and MSc in Agriculture from Kyoto University.