Inside Out: Do Recent Acquisitions by “Big Pharma” Sound the Alarm for the Traditional R&D Model?

Based on recent acquisition activity by two of the largest pharmaceutical companies, it seems as if the historical orthodoxy that great biopharma companies are made from the inside out may be losing validity. Specifically, the significant acquisitions of Celgene (by Bristol-Myers Squibb) and Allergan (by AbbVie) may suggest that equal, if not more, value should be placed on clever deal making to build one’s pipeline than internally driven research and development.

This is a pretty radical departure from the past, where success was primarily determined by the quality of science and scientists in house.

In this whitepaper, Chris Ehrlich, Managing Director, Global Head of Biopharma, dives into this shift in strategy and explores the R&D vs. in-licensing landscape even further.