Geoff Meyerson was a speaker at “The 2013 mHealth Prognosis” Panel Discussion

Geoff Meyerson spoke at and participated in the Panel Discussion, “The 2013 mHealth Prognosis: Converging Business and Legal Trends,” which was held at 100 Bodek Lounge at the University of Pennsylvania on June 26, 2013 at 5:30 pm.

Locust Walk Partners, Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association and DuaneMorris were pleased to co-sponsor this networking reception and panel discussion with experienced mHealth investors, innovators and attorneys who explored key business and legal issues facing the rapidly emerging mHealth industry and its impact on the healthcare sector, as well as application developers and entrepreneurs.

Clips from Geoff’s Talk:

0 Intro: Locust Walk Partners’ Mobile Health Experience
The definition of digital health is broad and should include big data plays, sensors, apps, novel mobile devices, and more.
1 The Sensors Market
An array of groundbreaking sensor technologies can enhance pharmas’ understanding of their patient.
2 Mobile Health Investors
Although the investor space is small and fragmented, growth in digital health investment is outpacing all other related industries.
3 What Does the Future Hold?
Pharmaceutical companies look for sustainable IP, HIPAA complains, and product differentiation when consider digital health investments