Hayato Watanabe, Locust Walk’s SVP, Head of Asia, to Speak on a Panel at BIO Asia

Hayato Watanabe, Locust Walk’s Senior Vice President, Head of Asia, will be speaking on a panel on Tuesday, March 5th from 4:30-5:25 pm at BIO ASIA, located in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

The panel session will cover:

Market OutlookFinding Opportunities During Global Trade Downturns

Despite a near record year for biopharma IPOs and acceleration in the pace of new drug approvals around the world, most stock indices are dealing with higher volatility and a disappointing performance across 2018 versus prior years. Uncertainty about international trade and tariff disputes are suggesting a slowdown of future macroeconomic growth. However, trade agreement negotiations continue among different partners and individual biopharma deals still seem to generate positive market reactions. This session will explore what are the controllable factors within the biopharma sector to inspire investor support and what likely macroeconomic developments should be considered when planning for 2019 and beyond.