Biotalk Episode 10: A Conversation with Errik Anderson of Alloy Therapeutics

On this episode of Biotalk, Locust Walk‘s Geoff Meyerson welcomes Errik Anderson, CEO and Founder of Alloy Therapeutics, to the podcast. Alloy is a trailblazing drug-discovery company, bringing collaborative platforms and services to the biotech world, making cutting-edge biologics accessible to everyone, from academia and small biotechs to major pharmaceutical companies.

Errik, with a unique blend of entrepreneurship, venture capital, and a passion for rugby, shares his journey from Adimab to founding Alloy, highlighting Alloy’s distinctiveness in biotech. He also discusses Alloy’s future plans and their excitement about the anticlastic ASO technology.

During the conversation, Errik explores the funding landscape for later innovations, its impact on Alloy’s business, and his prognosis for the short to intermediate-term future of the industry.

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1:25: What led you to your initial exploration of early stage biotech?

2:55: Can you share a bit about your beginnings in your professional career and, what sparked your entrepreneurial spirit?

7:29: Can you provide the backstory of Adimab and how that led into Alloy?

13:25: What’s the exit for an Adimab shareholder or Alloy shareholder if it is a forever company?

24:43: You recently launched the anticlastic ASO technology platform. Can you tell us more about this, why you are excited by it, and your plans?

40:21: How do you avoid 82VS competing with your typical arms-length licensing clients?

45:11: How do you think about later innovations being funded, how does it impact your business and what is your prognosis for short to intermediate-term future?