Biotalk Episode 12: A Conversation with Soufiane Aboulhouda of Nucleate

On this episode of Biotalk, Locust Walk‘s Geoff Meyerson welcomes Soufiane Aboulhouda, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Nucleate, a global non-profit dedicated to empowering future biotech leaders through education and fostering innovation in life sciences companies. The discussion explores Soufiane’s journey into early-stage biotech and delves into the founding story of Nucleate, highlighting the organization’s mission and its pivotal role in shaping the biotech landscape.

Soufiane, who served as President of Nucleate for over 5 years, shares valuable lessons learned during his tenure. Listeners also gain insights into Soufiane’s current work at the Wyss Institute under George Church, exploring the intricacies of his research in the lab.

The episode concludes with Soufiane addressing the biggest challenges facing the biotech industry and Nucleate, expressing optimism for the organization’s future. The positive note of the conversation emphasizes the reasons behind Soufiane ‘s confidence in the promising future of Nucleate.

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1:21: To kick things off, I’d love for you to provide our audience with some background as to what led you to your initial exploration of early-stage biotech? 

5:15: What is the founding story of behind Nucleate? What you’re trying to solve and how did it come about  

8:56: You also served as President of Nucleate for over 5 years. What lessons have you learned throughout your time as president? 

16:04: You currently work at the Wyss Institute under George Church. Tell us more about your work in that lab.  

19:37: In terms of Nucleate as an organizations, where do you operate, how many members do you have? 

22:58: How has the biotech market downturn impacted Nucleate? Your lab? Your research? 

26:48: At Locust Walk, we believe that dislocations are a great way to spot opportunityWhat would you say are the kinds of opportunities that are revealing themselves to you as the industry goes through a little bit of a struggle 

28:54: To wrap up a great conversation, do you believe there is a biggest issue currently facing the industry, or potentially impacting Nucleate? 

30:44: Why are you optimistic about the future of Nucleate?