Biotalk Episode 14: A Conversation with Kendalle Burlin O’Connell of MassBio

On this episode of Biotalk, Locust Walk’s Geoff Meyerson welcomes Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, Esq., CEO and President of MassBio, the nation’s pioneering biotechnology trade association, which plays a pivotal role in representing and supporting the vibrant Massachusetts life sciences industry.

In this insightful conversation, Kendalle discusses her journey from law to leading MassBio in 2008, her evolving role within the organization, and her vision as CEO for MassBio’s future.

Geoff and Kendalle delve into Massachusetts’ leading position in biotech, examining the strategies driving innovation. Kendalle addresses current industry challenges and shares her perspective on its future.

Discover MassBio’s role in fostering innovation and growth in the life sciences sector, from initiatives like the Align Summit to talent nurturing and collaboration.

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1:27 To kick things off, I’d love for you to provide our audience with some background as to what led you to the life sciences.

6:04 How did your role evolve, how did MassBio come to be, and how did thing evolve to you becoming CEO?

11:10 What is your vision as a CEO and where do you want to take the organization?

14:27 Every state and country who has an interest in biotech wonders what Massachusetts is doing right to make it far and away the number one cluster. What do you think is the secret sauce that has propelled MA in to such a leadership role and what is going to keep it there?

19:50 What are you hearing from the companies and investors you speak with about how the downturn is impacting them and what they see in their crystal ball in the future?

26:20 What types of things is MassBio doing to foster innovation in the sector?

30:47 Let’s move to the Align Summit, how did the idea for this come about and what do you hope to accomplish with the conference?