Biotalk Episode 5: A Conversation with Onaiza Cadoret-Manier

On this episode of Biotalk, Locust Walk‘s Geoff Meyerson welcomes Onaiza Cadoret-Manier, Executive Vice President, Chief Global Product Strategy & Operations Officer at Ionis Pharmaceuticals to the podcast. With 30 years of experience in life sciences, Onaiza is a member of Ionis’ executive leadership team, overseeing the company’s portfolio planning, global product strategy, medical affairs, market access, and commercial strategy and operations functions.  

During the episode, Onaiza discusses her journey into biotech, her tenure at Ionis and challenges overcome while shifting from an R&D to commercialization focus, and her perspective and outlook on the biotech market. 

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 1:12: How did you find yourself in the biotech industry?  

 2:12: Prior to starting at Ionis, you held roles at Grail, Genentech, Pfizer and Amylin. What is a key takeaway you have from each of those experiences?

 6:12: What were some challenges you had to overcome when shifting from an R&D focus to commercialization? How has that evolved over time with Ionis?

 11:16: Do you have any advice for how to think about the process for picking the best targets for a company, especially if they have differing levels of resource?

 13:35: What excites you about the pipeline or innovations that you’re seeing either internal to Ionis or externally?

 16:54: Is it true that Ionis is looking to both buy and sell?

 18:28: COVID had a profound effect on the industry, which experienced a huge run followed by an even bigger downturn. What’s your perspective on the industry today? What’s your outlook for 2023? 

 22:39: Despite all of these headwinds, we remain highly optimistic about the future of biotech.  Are you optimistic as well?