Brian Coleman of Locust Walk to Moderate Panel at BioEquity Europe: Drawing Your Financing Roadmap

Brian Coleman, Locust Walk’s Managing Director, Global Head of Financing and Sales will be moderating the panel, Drawing Your Financing Roadmap, at BioEquity Europe:

Faced with an expanding range of financing options, early stage biotech executives must figure out how to navigate the pathway from seed through venture and public market rounds, while not missing non-dilutive money along the way. This workshop will review the early stage landscape, such as financing from angels and family offices, and debate how companies can best prepare for their next money raise.

Featuring the following panelists:

• Clara Campàs, Ph.D., Partner, Asabys Partners
• Mark Epstein, Managing Partner, MTS Health Partners L.P.
• Arthur Franken, Partner, Gilde Healthcare
• Robert Habib, CEO, MiNA Therapeutics
• Caroline Saï, Operations Manager, Angels Santé & European Coordinator of the EIT Health Investor Network