Locust Walk Partners – 2009 Wrap-up

The Locust Walk Partners team is thrilled to have just completed our first year in business. While it was a turbulent time for the industry, we are proud of this year’s accomplishments including:

  • Executing nearly 15 client business development, strategic, and commercial advisory engagements, several of which remain in active partnering dialogue
  • Building a world-class team of transaction, commercial, clinical and technical advisors
  • Celebrating Jay Mohr’s professional milestones with Gloucester Pharmaceuticals’ FDA approval of Istodax and its recent sale to Celgene for $640M. Jay was the founding CEO where he in-licensed Istodax from Fujisawa, assembled the initial management team, and raised $32M in venture capital.
  • Geoff Meyerson’s first venture investment, Algeta, securing an $800M partnership with Bayer leading to a 6x return on investment.
  • Participating in several opinion-leading conferences, including FierceBiotech Pharma Partnering Webinar with Ad Rawcliffe (SVP WWBD GSK) and Anna Protopapas (SVP CD Millenium).

As follow-up to the webinar, enclosed is a two-page overview on the results of our buy-side survey that we presented on what helps get a deal done. Feel free to pass this on to colleagues and let us know if you would like a copy of the full presentation.

All the best for a Happy Holiday and prosperous New Year!