Capital Raising and Underwriting


Locust Walk’s Capital Markets offering includes the preparation and execution of high value private placements and public market financings.  

Capital Markets Capabilities

Private Placement Capital Raise

  • We invest significant time upfront to prepare our client for success prior to conducting any investor outreach, by creating an investor ready presentation detailing the capital plans, milestones, programs and overview their competitive differentiation. Typical timeline spans up to one month to prepare.  
  • We coach and mentor management teams in preparation to sell their story with dry runs, coaching, and ongoing feedback.  
  • We create a comprehensive global target list to focus on investors who have the highest likelihood of investing  
  • We execute private placements to solicit investor interest, facilitate due diligence, negotiate term sheets, and close financings on the best possible terms for companies 
  • Typical timeline spans 5 to 9 months for Series A, B, crossovers, and PIPEs.  


  • Our newest offering is also where we have the most experience historically on our team, namely helping public companies raise capital in an underwritten basis. 
  • We maintain connectivity to more than just the top 50 investors to help create optionality for management teams with pricing their offering. 
  • While we typically participate as a co-manager, our service and support are more aligned with that of a bookrunner with investor connectivity and upfront positioning. 
  • Typically, our underwriting clients have worked with Locust Walk on other assignments and extends the relationship.

IPO Advisory 

  • We lead the drafting of the business section of the registration statement (S-1 or F-1) ahead of the organizational meeting and continue iterating through public filing. 
  • We prepare the management presentation for the testing the waters and roadshow meetings. 
  • We assist in the introduction, interviewing, vetting and selection process of the underwriter syndicate, supporting the company in negotiations with the underwriter syndicate regarding deal economics and supporting execution and pricing of the offering. 

SPAC Advisory 

  • We evaluate the process, potential outcomes and marketing materials in preparation for initiating a coordinated outreach. 
  • We apply our M&A experience to value, structure, and negotiate the merger. 
  • We support the business combination helping to raise a PIPE. 
  • Our experienced team applies key learnings as a buyer from our own SPAC, Locust Walk Acquisition Corp., to guide life science companies on how best to leverage market opportunities. 

How We’re Different 

At Locust Walk, the whole firm acts as one integrated global capital markets team that partners with management to raise capital for companies which requires flawless coordination and execution. For private companies, raising funds and advising on their path to the public markets is our core focus and not a favor or afterthought. For public companies, our ability to source additional investors and tell your story effectively requires a team that understands positioning and active dialog with the broader investment community.  We’re selective in who we work with and devote significant resources into each financing, not a volume-based model. Lastly, we can pivot during a financing process across capabilities, geographies, or specific therapeutic expertise to enhance the chances in successfully executing a deal—and getting the right deal done is what matters most. 


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