Unique to the industry, Locust Walk brings a multi-disciplinary team of deal professionals with deep industry, strategy, financing, and transactions experience.  Our consulting deliverables are intended to be immediately actionable, grounded in a real-time view of the market and informed by our on-going roster of buy side and sell side deals and capital raises.  Should you decide to move ahead with a transaction, our full suite of corporate development and transactional services means the knowledge and relationships built with the Locust Walk team is retained, accelerating your move toward a deal.


Because Locust Walk seamlessly integrates strategy consulting, strategic transactions, and capital markets on a global basis as one team, our model has flexibility to match the unique needs of each company.  Our strategy projects are fee for service scoped projects with defined deliverables.  Our typical strategic transaction or capital markets engagement involves a modest flat professional fee to help defray the upfront costs of preparing the outreach materials and running the process.  We are successful when our clients close high value transactions where we receive a percentage of deal value when it is received subject to a minimum fee.  For clients that work both on strategy and deal execution, we credit 50% of the professional fees on strategy projects against success fees that we receive above our minimum fee. 

We offer a corporate development model on the buy-side and selectively on the sell-side where we can execute individual transactions or assume a broader role in deal execution at the client.  Our model is a monthly professional fee with a built-in profit margin and flat fee kicker on success to align incentivesWe have worked in this model with early-stage biotech through larger biopharma companies.