Strategy Consulting and Analytics


Locust Walk’s Strategy and Analytics offering develops and drives strategy and planning, leading to effective partnering, M&A, and fundraising execution.

Strategy and Analytics Capabilities

For Sell-side Strategic Transactions and Capital Raises: 

  • Corporate, portfolio and partnering strategy: Review portfolio priorities including indication selection and identify optimal partnering strategy, i.e., determine which assets to partner/out license at what inflection points, with whom and on what terms. 
  • Commercial assessment and business case development: Evaluate commercial potential for products and franchises, using rigorous fact-based approach leveraging primary market research with clinicians and payers. 

For Buy-side Licensing and Acquisitions: 

  • External growth strategy, licensing and acquisition screen: Identify and evaluate adjacent external growth opportunities, and profile and prioritize specific product and company targets for licensing or acquisition. 
  • Commercial diligence, portfolio review and synergy assessment: Evaluate and validate commercial potential of target. products, review portfolio fit and assess potential commercial, operational and strategic synergies. 

For Transaction Planning and Feasibility:

  • Transactability assessments: Assess deal or financing feasibility through blinded outreach to target partners or investors via Locust Walk’s relationship network, conducting structured but informal conversations that elicit objective feedback on likelihood of, and data requirements for, successful partnering. 
  • Partnership planning and deal materials preparation: Prepare for high value transaction process by identifying and prioritizing specific target partners or investors and preparing non-confidential and confidential materials that support value of assets or company with a cohesive, well-supported storyline.

How We’re Different 

At Locust Walk, our entire Strategy and Analytics offering is focused on driving decision-making for traditional partnerships, M&A and financings as well as alternative approaches such JVs and spin outs. While our capabilities may be similar to a strategy consulting firm, our mindset and approach is infused with practical deal experience and results in an entirely different output. We rigorously identify and evaluate alternatives, and define actionable commercial, portfolio and partnering strategies based on extensive transaction experience. We stand behind our recommendations and are frequently asked to execute the transactions that we recommend.


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