Our Community Support

Working in the life sciences, we all have the power to make a positive impact on the world. At Locust Walk, we are committed to bringing positive and lasting change to the communities where we live and work through our skills, time, and resources.

Season of Giving Thanks Initiative

In 2020 we launched the Season of Giving Thanks initiative, and we are proud to now make this an annual tradition.

Each year, we thoughtfully select a list of life science-affiliated charitable organizations that are near and dear to the Locust Walk team’s hearts. And to show our appreciation and gratitude to our valued partners and friends we make a donation on their behalf to the charitable organization they designated.


BioBreak is a members-only network with the core mission of bringing the best of the executive life science and investor community together to share knowledge and build relationships. BioBreak’s exclusive events include informal networking and affinity group events which providing interactive forums for discussion and exploration of challenges faced in specific leadership roles. 

Long before Locust Walk, Geoff Myerson founded BioBreak in 2006 in Philadelphia, after identifying the need for content-free networking for senior executives in the industry. Once established, Locust Walk has played an instrumental role in strengthening BioBreak. 

Learn more at biobreak.org.

Boost by BioBreak

A coalition of female life science executives igniting positive change in the industry through action-oriented conversations 

Boost by BioBreak is an intimate community within the larger BioBreak organization. Boost is a content-heavy relationship-building platform for life science female executives to host action-oriented conversations to ignite positive changes in the industry as a collective community. 

Locust Walk is proud to support and help launch Boost by BioBreak by contributing to the thought leadership and pledging to be an active ally in supporting the continued career advancements of life science female leaders.  

Learn more at biobreak.org.

CRUSH Life Sciences

CRUSH Life Sciences provides inspirational and practical educational content to life science executives to enhance leadership skills in our industry. CRUSH was established in 2018 by Laurie Halloran (Halloran Consulting), Geoff Meyerson (Locust Walk), and Doug MacDougall (MacDougall) and born from a belief that leadership within our industry should advance as quickly as the science. 

Learn more at crushlifesciences.com.

Biotech Bikers

BiotechBikers is a unique global community of “bike-minded” biopharma professionals with a passion for cycling, based around guided group rides, virtual meetups and other social events. We are dedicated to fostering new relationships, building collaborative networks and promoting diversity, inclusion and a healthy and active lifestyle. Working together with selected strategic partners, like Locust Walk, who share our vision, our aim is to bring people together and make the connection.

Learn more at  biotechbikers.com and join the ride.