Transaction Case Studies

Sell-Side M&A Engagement for Tolerance Therapeutics Leading to an Acquisition by Ligand for $20M in Cash

Situation Assessment

  • Tolerance is a company that owns a royalty on Sanofi’s Tzield that is indicated to delay the onset of Stage 3 Type 1 Diabetes
  • In November 2023, Tolerance and Locust Walk successfully secured an acquisition with Ligand Pharmaceuticals for $20M in cash

Key Activities

  • Conducted a rapid and highly targeted campaign to identify 16 companies with relevant royalty practices
  • Led numerous companies through a confidential due diligence process
  • Worked in collaboration with legal and business development teams to drive transaction to a successful close

Successful Outcome:

  • Provided Tolerance with a successful exit for Tolerance and provided Ligand with a key royalty to include in their portfolio
  • Significant cash payment for Tolerance in a challenging capital market

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