Business Advisory Board

Anders Tullgren

Senior Healthcare Advisor

Anders Tullgren is the President and Owner of Tullgren Consulting Ltd (UK) and currently serves as a consultant/advisor for several private and public biotech and pharmaceutical companies and private equity groups. Anders is currently a Board Member of Trialbee AB (Sweden), Biotoscana Investments S.A. (Luxembourg), Symphogen AS (Denmark) and BrandingScience Ltd (UK). Anders is also the Chairman of the Board of Xbrane Biopharma AB (Sweden).

Anders brings over 30 years of global experience from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Working at Bristol-Myers Squibb from 1996 until 2017, Anders held senior leadership roles in the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Nordic region. From 2014-2017, Anders was the president of the Intercontinental Region (Latin America, China, Middle East, Russia, Central/Eastern Europe and Asia) at Bristol-Myers Squibb. In this capacity, Anders had full responsibility over P&L and operational experience in over 40 countries, 4,000 employees, and a revenue of over 2.5 billion USD.

Anders holds a Master in Pharmacy from Uppsala University (Sweden).